Monday, 27 January 2014

new:a little more interactive


  • Agent Keeper show now the current mana and gold costs of spells and rooms:

  • Costs of Imp Spell increase now with factor of 2. So its no more to easy to get much imps.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

new dungeon heart in progress

Currently we work on a new dungeon heart which looks more like our own and less to dk2.

To show some progess here are is a rendered example:
and here it is as ingame example:

Agent Keeper Release Notes

Its going on in year 2014 ^_^
Some of the new interessting features that are in the last Version


  • New icons for settings, tabs and rooms
  • The treasury fills now with the correct amount and the amount of gold you get by earn gold war decrease a little bit(so its not so easy) .

  • The display of total earns gold is now a little inteligent. If you have no gold, its grey and if you earn some, it rises to golden. If the symbol is fully golden, your treasuries are full, so you have to build new. All in all its easier to see if your treasuries are full.
  • The Imp Creation Spell is included and works now. (Yey, the frist little magic: We get into the deep hell, grap an imp and drag him into our dungeon :D )
  • The Imps find new Sectory at the beginnig of the game and claim same.
  • The Imps find unclaimed Walls and claim same.
  • Walls are not destoryed anymore by clicking on them.
  • Now you can create a performance chart, by clicking a button. That will create an image in the jar's foulder. If you send it to us, with a little hardware discribtion, it will help us to improve the performance.
  • Mouseovers show the costs of rooms and spells.
  • new font is tried, cause arial looks neither old nor demonic. new font looks a litte old fashion
  • text-position of creature count in monster overview is corrected
  • Release of new imp engine (BDI_V3) : imps now work fine(dig, claim, collect gold)
  • Imps use diferent animations for actions
  • Its possible to start different level via shell parameter in relase version.
  • New mana icon used
  • for windows user: start the game with exe or bat

Download: Agent Keeper Release

Sunday, 3 February 2013